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Tenant Engagement & Community Regeneration

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Tenant Engagement

At Steve Biko Housing Association, Tenant involvement is part of our culture. We encourage our tenants to get involved so that their influence can feed into all our strategies and policies, and improvement of housing services.

Our aims for tenant engagement and community regeneration are:

  • respect the diversity of our tenants and provide ways for services to be accessible to all tenants and treat them in accordance with our Equality & Diversity Policy.
  • communicate and emphasise this culture to staff, stakeholders and members
  • continue to involve tenants in all that we do and ensure they shape our strategies, policies and standards of service
  • be honest about meeting their expectations, be clear about our use of resources and offer explanations to ensure understanding
  • respect tenants’ views and opinions and seek to impress upon them that successful tenant participation can only be achieved through their active involvement at various levels.
  • offer a range of opportunities for involvement
  • provide access to information, training and decision-making forums
  • ensure staff have clear structures for working together with tenants
  • evaluate the impact of our statement and objectives on a regular basis with tenants.  We are able to measure the impact of tenant involvement on our services
  • promote the achievements of and positive impact tenants have had being involved in the work of the Association
  • Share positive outcomes to encourage others to get involved.

Why should you get involved?

We strongly believe that Tenant Involvement offers a wide range of benefits to both our Tenants and the Association because:

  • By being involved you are a representative of other people living in our homes
  • You gain an improved relationship and communication with Association
  • You will be more aware of neighbourhood issues
  • You can gain a sense of real ownership by being actively involved
  • You can contribute  to improving the quality of our services
  • You have ways and support to ensure your  views are heard and shared with other tenants
  • There are opportunities to learn and gain skills which can help you when accessing education or employment opportunities
  • Learning can build your confidence to work alongside us and others
  • It can be a very rewarding and fun experience too

How we benefit from your involvement

  • Genuine influence helps to shape policies that our tenants feel will improve their lives.
  • Involvement in governance helps to ensure the Association remains tenant focused and improves service delivery.
  • Better value for money will flow from services and standards set by tenants to meet their expectations.
  • Sound awareness of tenants’ needs prevents wasted effort on unwanted or misdirected services and helps us to concentrate on tenant priorities.Tenants want continuous improvement and involvement helps to ensure we know what is expected and when.
  • We need to be accountable to our tenants and their involvement is evidence of this.
  • Involvement empowers tenants in decision-making that affects their lives.
  • It makes sound business sense to involve our customers in their services if it is to be of excellent quality.
  • It can be a very rewarding and fun experience too.

We have a range of means of involving clients

Opportunities include:

  • Tenants Meetings Bi-monthly
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Tenants Consultations
  • Tenant Conference
  • Board Membership
  • Training and Awareness opportunities
  • Focus Groups on improving our Policies, Services and Communication
  • Tenant Inspections
  • Tenant Neighbourhood Walk Abouts
  • Small community grants decision making
  • Sheltered Accommodation on Site Meetings
  • Contributing topics/information for Newsletter Articles
  • Community Focused Projects e.g. Gardening, Health Activities, Neighbourhood Events, Intergenerational Activities with young people, Cultural events.

We are working to formalise tenant involvement

We are working towards formalising some areas of our Tenant Involvement in the near future by:

  • Holding a recruitment drive to form a formal Tenants Forum who will represent the diverse range of people living in our homes
  • Providing opportunities for Tenant Scrutiny Training so our tenants can gain the necessary skills to take up these roles and receive recognition that can support further training or employment opportunities. This is in response to the Governments drive to enable co-regulation between Tenants and ourselves.
  • As part of the Governments drive to enable co-regulation between Tenants and ourselves we will Recruit and train more Tenant Inspectors to the Tenant inspector team

If you are interested in getting involved and would like to find our more please contact:

Beverley Williams – Community Regeneration Manager

Tel: 0151 734 4933

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: 0151 734 3294

Or in writing to: Beverley Williams – Steve Biko Housing, 3 Yanwath Street Liverpool 8.

Community Grants

Unity Football Team in Steve Biko Housing Association kitIn our aim to support and enable grass roots community initiatives in neighbourhoods that we work, we have set up a Community Regeneration Fund to contribute to small community based projects.

Our grants can be used for a wide range of projects that fit with our aims and objectives. (See our application criteria for full details)

We can help to fund projects that enable people to benefit from improved community safety; health, social care, transport and access; education, training and employment, environment.

It is worth remembering that grants tend to be small (up to £300) and therefore you should bear this in mind when making your application.

The focus of this programme is to enable community based projects to develop their own initiatives and promote the principles of community development within their work i.e.  Fostering ways of working that enable inclusion, equality, participation and changes that are of real benefit to people living in the community.

Only one application per applicant may be considered for a grant in any one year Our years runs from 1st April to 31 March.

We look forward to receiving applications from groups, organisations, or individuals applying on behalf of a group (for individuals written consent of the organisation/group you are working with will be required) or project they are working with to address local issues. This includes voluntary and non-profit making organisations.

Steve Biko Housing Association will fund projects that link to the funds aims and objectives  which include:

  • Positive Action
  • An active and healthy community
  • A Safe community
  • Creating cleaner/greener environment
  • Creative citizens – Community arts/culture
  • A Caring Community

Please note there are some activities we will not fund (please see full details of Application Criteria before submitting your application)

Click Here to download your application form.

SBHA opens Computer room to Tenants and Local Residents

resource room for website

Community Development & Regeneration

563px-windsor imph indlela project2011 147 (2)

Steve Biko Housing Association recognise that Community Development is about how people relate to groups and institutions that shape their lives, and how they can be actively involved in the issues that personally affect them.

Steve Biko Housing Association’s principles are founded on values of social justice, participation, equality, learning and co-operation. In practical terms this means empowering our tenants and community members who are in contact with the association by providing adequate support and resources to assist them where possible in order to actively contribute and explore solutions to problems they identify and experience in their own communities.

We have a sound track record of working successfully in partnership with many diverse groups and organisations.  We also support a range of community groups and organisations that complement our aims and objectives via our Small Grants Award programme.

Afro Caribbean & Friends Lunch Club

Hector Peterson Court, one of our sheltered schemes, is home to the long established Afro Caribbean and Friends Lunch club.  The club is volunteer run and provides lunch and recreational activities for older members of the community twice weekly.

Herbie Higgins MBE founded the Lunch Club. He worked tirelessly to raise funding too provide the service, arrange transport, and provide a range of additional activities for local black and racial minority elders. He organised lots of social activities over the years for example; trips out, health activities, bingo, parties, entertainment, Christmas and Easter hampers. He enabled many links to other Lunch Clubs, organisations and support services as well as organising special annual cultural celebrations and invited special guests to join the fun.

If you are interested in attending the Afro-Caribbean & Friends Lunch Club contact Beverley Thompson on 0151 735 0113

Staff Fun Run raising funds for Jityaza School in South Africa

staff medals

Medals galore from our Fun Run with our very own ‘Mo-bot’!!

Young achievers awards 2016

Well done to all our Young Achiever’s:

On 19th October 2016 Steve Biko Housing Association and The Steve Biko Foundation from South Africa, joined forces to celebrate the educational achievements of – but not solely – BME young people who had completed level 3 courses or higher. This was done not only to recognise the achievements of our young people, but to inspire the next generation into education.

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