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Vision Mission and Objectives

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Homes and Communities without Racism.


We will provide housing and related services that are responsive to the need of Black and Racial Minority (BRM)  communities and we will enable tenants and local communities to influence decisions that affect their lives. We will do this in a way that influences and challenges social and economic structures that contribute to or entrench discrimination and disadvantage by putting racial equality at the heart of our work.


Quality Services for Tenants

  • To provide quality homes and related services, in areas of choice for BRM Communities in line with their identified needs.


  • To develop governance structure that enables the Board to make informed decisions and to determine and deliver the strategic objectives of the organisation.
Quality Organisation
  • To develop an organisation that understands the operating and regulatory environment and has in place robust systems and processes for effective management and financial accountability.

Promoting Equality

  • To take the lead in influencing those who provide services to BRM communities to develop and deliver solutions within a framework that promotes racial equality and challenges discrimination.

Community Empowerment

  • To empower tenants and residents so they can influence housing and associated quality of life services.


Listen, involve and deliver – to meet the aspirations of our tenants.

Be open and transparent.

Not tolerate racism and discrimination.

Provide services that are creative and innovative.

Use our unique position as leaders on diversity to influence.

Maintain our independance.

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Steve Biko Housing Association
3 Yanwath Street
Liverpool L8 0XP
Tel: 0151 734 4933
Fax: 0151 734 3294
Repair line: 0300 123 2030

How to get to us, the following buses will bring you to our office. 86,26,27,76

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