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The Future

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Preparing for the challenges ahead

Steve Biko Housing Association is on an exciting journey to deliver a new unique service to our tenants. We have taken on new staff and moved office to enable us to deliver a brand new service starting from April 2013.

The Staff team are working hard, putting systems in place and working with our tenants to review our policies and services to ensure they are up to date and relevant.

Our new venture is against a backdrop of major changes to welfare reform that will have a significant impact upon our tenants and ourselves as a housing provider. The Board and staff will work with our tenants to help and support them through these changes.

I am very excited and pleased with our dedicated staff team and look forward to delivering a new service to our tenants and wider community despite the challenges ahead.

Tracey Gore

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Steve Biko Housing Association
3 Yanwath Street
Liverpool L8 0XP
Tel: 0151 734 4933
Fax: 0151 734 3294
Repair line: 0300 123 2030

How to get to us, the following buses will bring you to our office. 86,26,27,76

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